Enzimed - Pre-Cleaner


Multi-enzymatic in the form of foam spray for surgical and endoscopic instruments.


  • Prevent bioburden drying
  • Enzymes that can break down organic matter
  • Pre cleaning without intervention


Enzimed - Prevent


High-level enzymatic detergent for routine cleaning for medical devices to prevent buildup of contamination.


  • To optimize routine cleaning of endoscopy and surgical equipment
  • Very good at removing dirt and bioburden
  • Enzymatic patented and can dissolve the biofilm matrix
  • Save expensive repair costs


Enzimed Standard


Low-foaming enzymes for cleaning reusable medical devices


  • Neutral, low foaming
  • Effective for cleaning surgical and endoscopic equipment
  • Offering superior applications: flexibility and cost effectiveness
  • Contains 3 enzymes


Enzimed EnziQure


High-level enzymatic detergent to eradicate bacterial contamination that is difficult to remove (stubborn) on medical devices.


  • Patented enzymes that have a broad spectrum to remove biofilms
  • As a corrective action in cleaning very dirty medical devices




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