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Welcome To Indonesia Global Medika Website


Thank you for visiting Indonesia Global Medika (IGM) website.

Our business is to provide total medical solutions for your needs, coupled with excellent after-sales service and consultancy medical product services.

Indonesia Global Medika is the sole distributor for renowned medical product in the world such as Wound Dressing, Syringe, Hospital Furniture, Medical Equipment and many more. Our vision is to achieve total medical product solutions in the world through medical reeducation.

Thanks to our network and expertise and long lasting partnership with numerous leading international manufacturers, IGM has multiple requests from our customers to deliver various kind of medical equipment. IGM is always opened for cooperation with new manufacturers and have experience in turn-key projects also.
IGM offers comprehensive medical equipment solutions, supported by experts in this industry.

With headquarter based in Jakarta Indonesia, we are the right choice for your business progress.

Our Objectives
Our objective is to become not only a respected company, but also a guide for new challenging methods of diagnostics, treatment and medical solution.
Our Business Plan
Medical equipment & device become a sunrise industry in Indonesia who offers promising profit.
Our Business Profile
One-stop solutions by providing a wide range of medical devices and medical equipment
Our Coverage
Supported by 30 local partners in 5 major Islands (Sumatra, Kalimantan, Java & Bali, Sulawesi, Papua)
Our Network
Our National and International networks offer you unrivalled reach, resilience and commercial opportunity.
Comprehensive Medical
Besides the mentioned above activities, in the near future IGM will develop service department to be able to perform all the installation, service and maintenance jobs for all kinds of equipment presented by our company.

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APL Tower Podomoro City (Central Park) 16th Floor - T9


Jl. Let. Jend. S. Parman Kav. 28

Jakarta, Indonesia - 11470.


Phone: + 6221 2986-0764

Fax: +6221 2933-9490


Email: requirement[at]indonesiaglobalmedika.com

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