PT. Indonesia Global Medika (IGM) is an Indonesian company established in 2014 by professionals with experienced both in medicine and medical business both locally and internationally. IGM is contributing to society with our specialized technologies and products that span many fields. 

IGM intends to contribute on developing and fostering the medical equipment industry. One of our strengths is to be able to detect the demand of market and respond to the objective of large corporations as well as SMEs and entrepreneurs in this business. To achieve this, we provide a comprehensive platform of market needs analysis, medical knowledge, promote companies’ technologies and products, giving access to customer for the new technology. In short, we are connecting people, well-being, and technology.





The Journey


The journey of IGM begins from commitment to grow together by three executives, Obed FL, Lie Lie SUSYANNA, and Sri Kumala CHANDRA who are endowed with strong background in pharmaceutical industry, broad relationship especially in European region, international business development, and entrepreneurial abilities.


Thanks for the support from national and international companies who trusted their products exclusively to IGM.






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APL Tower Podomoro City (Central Park) 16th Floor - T9


Jl. Let. Jend. S. Parman Kav. 28

Jakarta, Indonesia - 11470.


Phone: + 6221-22556708

Fax: +6221 2933-9490


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PT. Surabaya Global Medika

Regus pakuwon center lt 23,

Jl. Embong Malang 1-5 Surabaya.

(Samping Tunjungan Plasa 5)


Phone: 031-6000 3182


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PT. Semarang Global Medika

JL.Indraprasta No.97 Pendrikan Lor, Semarang


Phone: 024-3584899


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