Quick Details:

  1. Small size, LCD color display
  2. Portable and easy to operate
  3. Real-time discipline and monitoring of clinical use of patient data
  4. Connect to low-flow oxygen, for air-oxygen mixing
  5. Max IPAP: 25cmH2O
  6. Ventilator modes: CPAP, S, S / T, T

Non-Invasive Ventilators, used for patients with mild to moderate respiratory failure, no indication of emergency intubation, vital signs are relatively stable and there are no taboo noninvasive ventilators. used for initial intervention and additional evacuation of respiratory failure






Quick Details:

  1. Place of Origin:Hunan, China
  2. Brand Name:Beyond
  3. Model Number:BY-Dreamy-B19
  4. Therapy Mode:CPAP,ST,T,S



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