IGM Future Development

Comprehensive Medical Equipment & Device Solutions


Besides the mentioned above activities, in the near future IGM will develop service department in each branches to be able to perform all the installation, service and maintenance jobs for all kinds of equipment presented by our company.
We will provide technical services and support to maintain optimal quality for clients in Indonesia and overseas. Service technicians play a key role in communicating directly with customers to ensure quality and satisfaction in order to promptly solve problems that arise with our products. 







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Head Office:


APL Tower Podomoro City (Central Park) 16th Floor - T9


Jl. Let. Jend. S. Parman Kav. 28

Jakarta, Indonesia - 11470.


Phone: + 6221-22556708

Fax: +6221 2933-9490


Email: requirement[at]indonesiaglobalmedika.com





PT. Surabaya Global Medika

Regus pakuwon center lt 23,

Jl. Embong Malang 1-5 Surabaya.

(Samping Tunjungan Plasa 5)


Phone: 031-6000 3182


Email: requirement[at]indonesiaglobalmedika.com



PT. Semarang Global Medika

JL.Indraprasta No.97 Pendrikan Lor, Semarang


Phone: 024-3584899


Email: requirement[at]indonesiaglobalmedika.com