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ANTI–DECUBITUS MATTRESS   large product photo

This air mattress is specially made for short-term bedsore patients. It is cheap and simple in structure, easy in operation and is better in prevention and cure of bed sores.

It's a perfect instrument of short-term bed ridden patients and family bed for patients.




• ISO 13485 certified 

• Short term bedsore cure 

• Lattice style 

• Economical



This striped mattress is designed for long term bedsore treatmentwith extra care. With alternating air pressure, it can effectively curb the growth of microbes.  

Extra – soft material and ultra – low noise pump provides maximum comfort.




• ISO 13485 certified 

• Designed for long term bedsore treatment with extra care.  

• With alternating air pressure



ANTI–DECUBITUS MATTRESS   large product photo

The products of this series are medical instruments for long-term bedridden patients to prevent and cure bed sore. It can provide excellent pressure reduction through continuous movement decreases the humidity in bedding and controls the growth of microbes, together with the soft bearing of the air mattress. 




• ISO 13485 certified

• Used by long-term bedridden patients to prevent and cure bed sore. 

• Very convenient for use












         Two-piece open (Embedded)


          Two-piece closed (Embedded)

  One-piece open (Hydrocoloid adhesive       with spunlace non-woven border)


One-piece closed (Hydrocoloid adhesive)









SKIN – PROTECTIVE POWDER                

Protect the skin around stoma.

Prevent the skin from the harm of the exudate












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