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One-stop solutions by providing a wide range of medical devices and medical equipment: 


Medical Device


- Electronic Medical Device Medical products with a small scale of power source, such as battery. This device commonly found in electronic equipment such as tension meter, thermometer, TENS, Doppler, etc.


- Non-Electronic Medical Device Disposable device such as bloods bags, syringes, wound dressings, intravenous fluids, liquid hand sterilizer, electrode ECG, ultrasound jelly, liquid contrast, etc.








Medical Equipment 


- Electronic Medical Equipment Medical products that use large scale power source such as ultrasound, CT-SCAN, MRI, X-RAY, operating theater, anesthesia machine, etc.


Non Electronic Medical Equipment


- Equipment that do not require a power source, such as hospital furniture (drug trolley, patient bed, operating

table, gynecology table, dental chair).









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